Zone 2, Zone 22

Communication in hazardous areas

Technical Data

Marking to 94/9/EC II 3 G Ex nA nL IIC T6 / II 3 D Ex tD A22 IP65 T60°C
EC-Type Examination Certificate BVS 09 ATEX E 011
Permissible ambient temperature -20 °C up to +40 °C
Display Colour display 16bit-TFT/Touchscreen LED backlight 480 x 640 pixel (VGA)
Dimensions in mm 176 x 100 x 50 (L x W x H)
Processor Marvel PXA320 806 MHz
Memory 1 GB Flash (non-volatile memory)
Internal storage 128 MB (volatile memory)
System software Windows Mobile® 6.0
Communication mini USB 2.0 Bluetooth 2.0,
WLAN 802.11b/g, 1 CF&SDIO card
Battery Li-Ion rechargeable pack (5200 mAh)
Operating time approx. 15 h
Degree of protection accd. EN 60529 IP 65
Weight 0.596 kg (incl. battery)


Ordering Details

Type: Order No:

CEAG-X200 (PDA, incl. leather carry case)

GHG 130 9801 P0001

Nomad 800L (Industry version)

On request

Carry case, leather

GHG 130 1903 R0001

Spare battery module

GHG 130 1904 R0003

Spare battery charger

GHG 130 1904 R0002

LCD protective cover (anti-glare)

GHG 130 1905 R0003

LCD protective cover (high-gloss)

GHG 130 1905 R0002

Stylus pen

GHG 130 1905 R0001

CF card 1GB

GHG 130 1906 R0001

CF card 2GB

GHG 130 1906 R0002


Product Features

Extreme robust

  • High tightness by IP65 (device can be fully used even in heavy rain, if it drops in a puddle or by cleaning under running water)

  • The device is also fully functional after a drop from 1.2 m height

Highest convenience

  • The extra bright and crisp TFT-Display (touchscreen) is best suited for use in direct sunlight

  • The backlight also enables the use in darkness and night Fastest processor at the market for Ex-PDA’s

  • Super-fast and future-proof hardware for a long-term product use High battery-capacity (5200 mAh)

  • 15 hours operation time for a non-stop use in the field




  • Consistent use of digital media minimises the error tendencies of transitions between media (computer , paper , computer) and also provides transparency throughout in data evaluation.

  • Possibility of linking to data base or asset management systems


  • Availability of operating-/repair-instructions spare-part lists in the field (available directly by CEAG-X200 or by WLAN server)

Process and video monitoring

  • Linked to a video system and integrated in a WLAN, process can be monitored in real time and so industrial safety and health can be ensured

Targets / Markets

  • Oil & gas, chemical and pharma industry with a high degree of automation


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