Introducing AX Distribution

AX Distribution

Introducing AX Distribution, a dedicated line of cable management solutions created by Atex Limited for our customers.

Working in partnership with some of the best global manufacturers, we are delighted to now offer you our AX Distribution range at a competitive price, allowing you to purchase all products for your specific project from us, your preferred and trusted supplier.

From conduits to trunking, our dedicated range of products will service your cable management needs, cutting out the middle man and utilising the skills and expertise of the Atex team.

2024 is set to be bright for Atex and AX Distribution, with more products coming from floor boxes to time clocks and more. Looking for something else? Now is the time to tell us and we will look to expand our offering to suit your needs.

If you wish to find out more about our client relationships and how we can support your unique project, please contact us at