DALI: Smart, energy-efficient lighting control helping workplaces shine

Lighting-control systems based on the DALI protocol are illuminating workplaces around the world.

Today more than ever, workplaces require innovative, effective, intelligent lighting-control solutions to keep staff safe, healthy and comfortable, while simultaneously conserving energy. Increasingly dynamic use of workplaces is becoming the norm, where trends such as ‘hot desking’ require automatic illumination adjustment in line with the personal preferences of occupants.

In addition, different office areas require more and clearer delineation, coupled with lighting-based directions for people moving around the building. And to help impart infection control as part of the ‘new normal’, offices need more touch-free devices to control lighting, enabled by smart technologies like occupancy sensors and/or wireless control.

There is growing recognition of the effects that a comfortable and technically competent working environment has on staff wellbeing and productivity. Significant importance is attached to selecting the optimum lighting-control system. For this reason, among others, many workplace projects are specifying lighting control based on the DALI protocol.